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FootCHECK is a new Veterinary led Footcare service. It has been designed to completely take care of foot health & trimming on your farm. We see this as an expansion of our pioneering VetTech service and something that will deliver real benefits to any farm.

Our aim with this new service is not to compete with other local foot trimmers in the area. This is an all inclusive package that only requires you to shed cows for the trimmer.
We schedule routine trimming visits similar to our routine fertility visits. Ahead of these visits our VetTechs will come and identify cows required for the visit and generate the picking list. Once the cows are sorted you can leave us to it. Veterinary advice on individual cases can be sought whilst the trimmer is there and regular trimming data analysis will occur with your routine vet to identify areas for action.

By treating cows within two weeks of going lame there is an increase of nearly 20% in cure rates thus highlighting the importance of routine visits.

Step one is for our VetTechs to come out and score your herd to identify those animals that are in need of seeing the trimmer a day or two beforehand. This will be a combination of full herd mobility scores and walk through the cows to identify lame cows. They will also collect a list of cows that have reached dry off as these animals should all be pulled out for feet inspection.

All this data is recorded against the cows individual eartag on our bespoke software which is available online or via an app on your phone so you can track all animals at any time.

These scores are mapped over time to show trends and allow success to be measured.

We will provide you with a picking list of cows to sort for the trimmer so all you need to do is pull the cows out on the day.

On trimming day our in house trimmer will arrive with our crush & the cows will be treated as per the agreed farm protocol drawn up with the vets. For example deciding which cows get anti-inflammatory jabs or might need courses of antibiotics. All lesion/treatment info will be recorded on the same software giving a full foot history for each cow and a comprehensive report of each session will be left with you. So you know what has been done to which cow. We will give you a list of cows that may need repeat treatments (e.g. further jabs) and will give you a call to remind you when bandages need to come off. Any cows that need to be re-seen by the trimmer will automatically appear on the picking list for the next visit.

At regular intervals we will analyse data to look at underlying causes to plan to tackle the causes of lameness. This may be changes to housing, footbathing or just simple management changes. It may be to introduce the use of anti-inflammatories in cows that get blocks (increases success and reduces calving to conception). The long term aim of this new service is to reduce the numbers of cows that go lame in the first place but then pick up cows as early in the disease process as possible to maximise long term success. This will then help to maximise productivity from your cows which is the aim of all that we do.

For more information about anything to do with this service please call the practice on 01772 866014.