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Milk Quality

The dairy industry’s goal is milk production but this is pointless unless it is saleable and this requires excellent quality. We have a range of services tailored to monitoring and improving udder health and milk quality. Clover Cell and Feed Check software categorises cows in the herd and allow specific advice to be given on managing herd cell counts and feeding. Reports are generated every month with simple action plans for a few cows.

Precision Milkings focus is to ensure that milking systems are optimised to ensure rapid milking and the best health for your herd.

Led by veterinary surgeons working exclusively with dairy cattle and specialising in milking machine performance. Our team target teat and udder health and work alongside farm staff to support best parlour practice using LANTRA accredited training techniques.

We are a practically minded team and always endeavour to deliver solutions rather than a list of problems. Having recommended and helped to implement solutions, for instance by working with your regular service engineers, we strive to monitor herd performance to ensure that your investments are rewarded.

More Information

For more information please visit the Clover Group website or the Precision Milking website.