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Productivity Checkbrings together a whole range of our services under one banner. As part of this package we will sit down with you three times a year and review everything that impacts on your herd’s productivity & efficiency.

Incorporated in the scheme is health incidence and fertility analysis, financial reviews using our VetInvest reports and ongoing herd health plan updates. Milk composition & quality analysis can form part of the reviews where there are problems.

Our aim is to stay on top of these important areas and be as proactive as possible to keep disease incidence & costs low and fertility and productivity high.

HealthTRACKER is a disease monitoring system we have developed that allows us to capture health data at routines and then benchmark your farm with other producers. Because the data is captured regularly it improves the accuracy and also allows us to pick up any disease issues early and intervene to hopefully minimise any losses.

This data also forms an integral part of your farm assurance commitments so with this we are regularly keeping these records up to date.

This system has enabled us to calculate the true costs of specific diseases on farm when used alongside the VetInvest reports. Used year on year it can show the effects of management changes or implementing vaccination regimes.

HealthTRACKER has allowed us to uncover more of the hidden costs and helped us drive towards improved productivity from individual groups of animals and consequently from the herd.

We want to make sure that the money you invest with us ensures that your other bigger costs start to reduce as we help your team to improve the performance of the farm.  This bespoke report analyses three years of your vets bill allowing us to categorise your spend. This we feel is a much cleverer way to tackle the thorny issue of ‘Vet Costs’ and will arm you with the confidence that you know where & why you’re spending the money.

Used alongside the health & fertility data we are collecting it provides an excellent opportunity to review treatment options and look at & evaluate the effects of investing in prevention to achieve better overall outcomes. Often we see that we can change areas of ‘treatment spend’ for a particular disease to ‘prevention investment’, reallocating the money you spend with us to achieve better performance for the same capital outlay.

This working knowledge of veterinary financials allows us to appreciate your current challenges, giving us a novel tool for monitoring a variety of production diseases and arming us with the information to ensure you are getting the best value for the money you spend with us.

With extra days open costing between £4 and £10 depending on your calving interval it is really important to get your cows in calf as soon as possible. Closely monitoring fertility is crucial in order to target where improvements can be made.

As part of this unique service we use a combination of both on farm software and/or milk recording data to produce a bespoke fertility report highlighting areas where efforts can be targeted and savings made.

Whether you milk record or not, we ensure that we analyse your fertility on farm every 4 months and work together to monitor progress and implement changes as needed. With fertility on farm being closely linked to both productivity and profitability we feel these regular reports are crucial to your dairy business.

For milk recording herds we can produce a special report identifying cows not pregnant >150 days in milk, indicates any services she’s had and when, any high somatic cell counts and her mobility score if available. Using all these parameters together enables us to make educated decisions about her future management within the herd ensuring all cows remain profitable at all times!

Infectious diseases cost dairy herds thousands of pounds through effects on health, milk production and fertility. This scheme aims to help you ensure these costly diseases are controlled or kept out of your herd.


We will work with you to ensure your prevention strategy fits your herd through twice yearly reviews of your risk factors. In addition we will monitor your vaccine usage to empower you to ensure your herd are appropriately protected.


Robust surveillance gives you peace of mind that your prevention strategy is effectively keeping disease out of your herd and could alert you before problems arise in the case of a breakdown. Disease check includes quarterly bulk milk sampling for BVD, Lepto, IBR, Fluke & Schmallenburg and 6 monthly BVD virus pcr & young stock blood screening for key infectious diseases.