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Sheep Services

Whatever the size of your flock we offer tailored preventative health care and treatments. Our priority is ensuring maximum productivity, health and welfare of your flock.

Services include

  • Flock health planning to maximise the productivity of your flock
  • Ram fertility examination – Breeding soundness exams
  • Faecal fluke, worm egg & cocci counts – same day results from our VetTech service
  • Drench testing – identifying anthelmintic resistance on your farm
  • Blood sampling for health schemes
  • Skin scrapes – for ectoparasite problems
  • Abortion enquiries – some of it can be subsidised
  • Post–mortems: in-house/on-farm, for all ages of sheep
  • Ram Vasectomies

Health planning

Flock health planning is a major part of a farm vets’ work here at LLM. It is probably some of the most cost effective work you can undertake with potentially huge savings from using the best management practices.

Health planning can be a formal meeting producing a printed health plan but could also be advice given to combat or control a particular disease conducted at any time. Most of our working days include giving advice on preventing conditions and diseases; all this is health planning. At lambing time we furnish our clients with a lambing chalk board to record individual instances ‘ewe side’ which provides us with the evidence to intervene and make changes where necessary. It also allows us to analysis individual farm performance at the end of each season and benchmark similar farms together to allow for constructive criticism and appraisal.

We believe that prevention is much better than cure and much less costly. Once an animal is sick you have already lost production and incurred costs of treatment or, in the worst cases, disposal of a dead animal. An annual review to go through management and preventative measures that can be implemented on your farm based around figures collected is an ideal way to improve productivity. It’s often a surprise when the figures are added up and delivers real benefit to the farm and farm staff.

Ram breeding soundness exams

Assessment of ram fertility is an important tool in managing a successful breeding programme. Infertile or subfertile individuals can prove costly – not only in reduction of numbers of offspring, but also in terms of keeping animals which are of no practical use.

Our farm vets have a wealth of experience in breeding soundness examination in sheep. We would recommend testing animals at the point of purchase (or before) and then all breeding males 4-6 weeks prior to the tupping period- so as to provide time for changes to be made as required.

Evaluation begins with a full physical examination followed by semen evaluation. Each ram is provided with a semen score which allows you to rank each of your rams.
Following evaluation, individual written reports will be sent to you for use with insurance or for pre-sale checks.

Sheep discussion groups

At regular intervals we hold meetings to get farmers together to discuss topical issues relevant to the season. We also bring in production figures where possible to anonymously benchmark farmers and encourage round the table sharing of ideas and practices to help everyone learn and improve. These are really popular and very interactive.