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Vet Services

Client Benefits As Standard

24-hour farm only service

On all aspects of farm health management
We ensure that all your calls made outside office hours are routed directly to a farm only vet. During the working day you can almost always speak directly with a farm only vet if the need arises. Farm health advice is always easily accessible.

Direct line to an experienced animal vet

any time, free of charge
Our support extends to providing detailed advice freely at any time of the day or night. Our clinical team deliver a wealth of up to date knowledge and specialised experience in farm health.

Competitively priced medicines

Tried and trusted Farmers First philosophy
Our Tried and trusted Farmers First philosophy has been developed in close liaison with key progressive farm clients. Customers can rest assured that prices are as competitive as possible while flexibility exists for a variety of payment options.

Free medicine delivery service – direct to farm

We endeavour to get your medicines to you as soon as practicable and can deliver direct to the door.

Bespoke Farm Services

Fertility Solutions

All vets carry portable scanners
Most clients have regular routine fertility visits using ultrasound scanners to monitor fertility performance and diagnose fertility problems. We operate the full range of performance analysis tools including Interherd plus and TotalVet. We run in-house farm bureau services for clients that need the extra help.

Mastitis, cell count management and milking machine services

Fully engaged with DairyCo’s mastitis Control Planning tools we deploy Clover Cell Check analysis of cell counts using the HerdCheck suite of online tools. On farm we help dairymen optimise milking time performance via our Precision Milking range of technical services and products.

Lameness control and locomotion scoring

DairyCo Lameness Control mentors in the practice have had significant success in helping farmers monitor progress in improving foot health. We use modern cow side technologies to assist clients in developing the right strategies for success to suit their herd’s needs.

Embryo transfer

flushing, implantation, embryology in an EU approved lab and store.
We are the largest provider of embryo transfer services in the UK and have a wealth of experience. Our success rates are second to none. Our clients benefit from access to their embryo inventory through bespoke online tools.

Feeding advice including Clover Feed Check and Rumen Health assessments

Success in feeding is a key determinant of profit. We use tools such as Clover Feed Check to monitor feeding success and then work with nutritionists to help keep performance on track.

Full farm data management services

including Interherd, Herdkeeper & Total Vet solutions
As herds get larger and margins tighter we increasingly depend on computers. Our specialist staff are able to assist in all relevant aspects of farm health management through effective and efficient data screening and processing.

Medicines administration service

We understand that minimising both hassle and time in delivering health can make all the difference. We offer a low cost technician team with assured experience at handling cattle. We can help in vaccinating calves or treating the herd. In fact whenever an extra pair of hands would help – we can support our clients.

Regular educational meetings and subsidised training courses

Regular educational meetings and subsidised training courses. Farm clients are increasingly seeking help in educating staff and developing their team. We continually offer training in a range of topics promoting them in our monthly newsletter. Farmer training is generally heavily discounted through grants and sponsorship.

Herd health planning solutions

We maintain Red Tractor compliant health planning tools and integrate our advice with a careful eye on farm spend. We can help tackle the ever increasing burden of auditing placed on our clients farms.

VetInvest farm spend analysis

We track client spend on a per cow basis to help ensure that our customers get the best possible return on every penny they invest on health. Farms are compared and exceptions highlighted so that we can work together for a more profitable and secure future.