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We have been working with the team at FarmVetSystems since 2010 to help them in the development of their app VetImpress and subsequent FarmImpress. For the first time Farmers can get a complete view of their farm business, gathering all the information and data about the farm in one central place. Farmers can now stay fully informed and interpret all their data; measuring and analysing metrics that weren’t previously available.

Our free on farm software for all clients

FarmIMPRESS is available for Farmers to use free of charge and displays all the information about their farm and animals in a single view in a simple, user friendly format.

FarmIMPRESS collates all relevant data from all available sources including records from the Vet practice, government agencies (CTS), milk recording companies and farm management systems in one secure and automated system. With all this data MyFarmImpress app displays individual cow health cards for all animals registered on farm.

The Farmer now has greater access to information about their animals and a more active role in monitoring farm health records. Farmers can access and input important relevant data to the system to create a full picture of their animals health and farms efficiencies. Examples of data that can be collected include:

  • Scanning/PD records
  • Breeding events (calvings, dry offs, heats & services)
  • Mobility scoring
  • Body condition scoring
  • Treatments – allowing a full medicine book to be kept
  • Weights and heights
  • Foot trimming data

The automated system also enables Farmers to received automated alerts, reports and reminders as well as other services from the veterinary practice, avoiding costly oversights and optimum efficiencies at all times.


  • FarmIMPRESS is designed in a simple usable format that allows easy data entry of events for any animal on the farm. It records fertility events, production measures, diagnoses and treatments, helping you to track the incidence of issues on farm.
  • Get immediate access to all farm information on one easy and usable interface available 24/7.
  • Get access to a complete overview of your entire farm business through the compilation and analysis of multiple source data.
  • Stay in control of your farm with quick and easy access to ALL your reports from your veterinary practice: lab reports, vet reports, medicine records and performance reports.
  • Get automated alerts direct to your phone or by email avoiding losses and inefficiencies!
  • Be alerted when something is going wrong early and prevent it!

Be in control on your animal health and welfare by accessing information and recognising issues before they develop into serious problems.